Friday, October 14, 2011

I'll pop you one better!

I haven't written a post in a while because my daughter is on a sleep strike for what feels like my entire lifetime.  Last night, so far, was the worst.  How any one living being can scream for hours on end and not be hoarse or exhausted (or both) is beyond me.  Ah well, I am lucky to have her, and I will take her bad nights in stride. 

I wanted to post these in my blog because I gave them a try and they are amazing.  I will warn you, however, unless you have unreal will power, these are dangerous.  You absolutely will NOT be able to stop at one!  He'll be mad at me for telling you this, but my husband ate close to 15 over a few days...he said he just couldn't get enough!
Cake Pops

I'm going to give these a try for my BFF's wedding shower coming up in November.  They were relatively easy, however the rolling in chocolate part, for me, was hard because I couldn't justify wasting the candy sticks on a test run, so I just used toothpicks.  In hindsight, I should have use a bamboo skewer, something with a little more girth to hold the weight of the cake ball.   I, however, would start with slightly less icing than what the recipe calls for, or maybe a whipped icing? Even a home made icing maybe.  I felt they were a little on the hurt-your-teeth-they're-so-sweet side.  I am looking forward to doing these again but using different flavors.  Its going to be a bit of a challenge because my BFF is allergic to chocolate. I think I'll do the tuxedo one in a red velvet with cream cheese icing (yes, I know that its still chocolate, but I'll make her a special set of just vanilla).  I wonder if any of you have any ideas on different cake and icing combos that might be good? I need another kind that would work for the bride one.

Ooo almost forgot, here is a link to a how-to video on youtube.  I found this VERY helpful

I hope my readers (if I even have any at this point) are all enjoying the fall weather we're having, autumn is truly the prettiest season I think!  Cheers