Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Greetings from Hillbillyville, Alberta!

Well, its actually greetings from my moms basement.  Who knew getting Internet out in the country was going to be such a gong show! we are 2 months and counting with no Internet, and its driving me a little batty as my only source of www is my phone, which has a VERY small screen to be looking at forums, checking out pictures, and most of all...blogging!  I tried to start a post one evening, but quickly grew irritated with the auto correct feature fixing all of my "mistakes" into what it thought my words should be.  So I did what any logical person would do.  Put my phone down and picked up a bottle of wine.  :)

I've had a VERY busy two months.  It kinda started with a very minor car accident in mid-November.  I got my first brand new vehicle in April of 2011, a Mitsubishi Outlander.  Of course, that's what my husband and I were in when we got hit.  I felt worse for the poor guy who hit us, a 15 year old with a learners permit.  No one was hurt (thankfully) but sweet mother, it was 6k to fix my car!  And, of course, this happens mere days before we're supposed to move.  Thankfully, our insurance company was awesome and got us a rental right away.  Certainly wasn't my first choice to be rollin' in a Dodge Caravan, but sometimes the world works in mysterious ways, and it turned out to be an essential item for our move.

Our move went as well as I suppose can be expected.  Our movers were 3 hours late, didn't finish until ten minutes to midnight, our daughter was exhausted, as was my mother in law, who offered to come help us watch her while K and myself did the move stuff.   After looking at the less-than-desirable staff that had come to move us, I decided really important things like photo albums, keepsakes, my kitchenaid mixer (haha) and the computer needed to go into our van as I didn't trust the movers not to wreck them.  I must say, it was a very different feeling for me to move from our house in town to our new house.  I've moved several different times, and never quite felt like I was "home" until I moved in with K.  Once our old house was packed, our girl was securely fastened into her car seat in our van, K and his mom drove out with the moving truck, leaving me, alone, to finish the small cleaning details.  As I began vacuuming in our spare room, I smiled, remembering all the guests we'd had over the last 5 years.  My mom and sister to help with the new baby, K's brothers and wives for all sorts of different occasions, K's cousin (the infamous AHL player) even stayed with us a few times.  Then onto the next daughters nursery.  Just a plain square room, with blue-gray paint, white trim and light carpet.  Nothing in there physically to indicate there was ever even a baby there.  But I was in tears as I vacuumed through the room, thinking of the nights we cuddled in the glider, the time she shot poo 5 feet across the room and sent her poor dad running for the door, gagging, and even all the sleepless nights I spent when we decided it was time for her to move from the playpen next to our bed and into her own room.  I carried on through the house, thinking of the first night of living together, our first night as each others fiances, our first night home from our honeymoon, and so on.  As I locked the door, dragged the vacuum to my car, and drove away, I felt a little like I was leaving such a huge part of my life in this house, and how could I ever make such sweet memories anywhere else?  Once I arrived at our new house though, and saw my daughter and husband playing in what would be our living room, I knew that the very best years were yet to come :)

So fast forward, we had Christmas with our respective families.  As I suspected, our girl got far too many toys that are probably more fun for K and myself to play with right now.  She also is quite the fashion plate now with all her fancy new clothes.  Hubby and I were also spoiled.  I got a LOT of new knickknacks for my our new house.  K got a fancy underwater camera for ice fishing so he can watch the fish laugh at him. New years was spent with my co-coach D and her husband.  Very low key, exactly what we needed after a very hectic month. 

And now we've just passed another amazing, tear-jerking milestone.  My daughters first birthday was this past weekend.  It was also spent in a very low-key manner as I had to be in my hometown an hour away for cheer the next day.  My folks took us out for lunch, which was lovely of them.  My sister came from her home in Edmonton to have birthday cake with us.  In true baby fashion, she had cake EVERYWHERE and quite enjoyed smearing it around rather than just eating it.  The evening was spent just my sister and my daughter and I.  My folks had supper plans with friends as it was one of their birthdays too.  The night turned out to be so much fun.  My sister and I played crib and had one of those "feed your soul" conversations I enjoy so much.  We, of course, also shared some good giggles together, particularly when I managed to somehow beat the crib champion (suck it, donnie!).   When I finally looked at the clock, it was 2am, and I had to be the bright, chipper coach at 8:30am, so off to bed.  The next day we had breakfast with my mom and dad, headed over to K's moms to visit her as well as his brother, wife and daughter.  More presents to open there for my little miss, as well as a bowl of grammas hamburger soup.  THEN just to make the trip home more interesting, K called and asked me to pick up bleach to try and solve a small sewer issue we were having.  I had JUST stopped for gas in Nisku, so I decided we'd stop in Devon to pick up bleach.  We made 2 more quick stops in Stony Plain to drop off birthday party invitations to some old friends/neighbors and finally, by 7:30, we were home.   It was a wonderful weekend filled with good family and friends.  Her "party" is this weekend, and I am probably more excited for it than I was for my own wedding....(sorry hun!)

Anyway, I suppose that's enough, for now.  I miss blogging :) hopefully we have at LEAST dial-up out in the middle of nowhere soon....I think K and I are having some serious withdrawals!