Saturday, November 12, 2011

Things that never used to occur to me

It never ceases to amaze me thing things I do now in the name of saving time.  Now that my girl is scootching around and pulling herself up onto things, running to the basement for something takes careful consideration.  For instance, yesterday I had to pee.  Ran to the bathroom, heard a loud *crash* and came running still hiking up my yoga pants.  There was a massive fisherprice car accident in my living room.  I'd like to tell you no one was seriously hurt...but some of the little people barnyard animals were squashed pretty hard and are still recovering.  My daughter managed to get a rather large bruise on her forehead from it.  *sigh*.  Anyway, I realized yesterday there was a small mountain of dirty clothes upstairs, so I figured I'd better get on my laundry.  As I'm about to put my girl into her "circle of neglect" (aka exersaucer) I also realize I need to take a picture of myself and weigh myself and send it in as I'm doing a weight loss challenge for 6 weeks.  The scale is downstairs.  I also needed to bring up dinner for the evening and a couple boxes to continue packing my house.  Oh yeah, and bring up my turkey roaster to do a batch or two of nuts and bolts.  Finally, I realize my brain is on complete overload in trying to remember everything I need to do in the basement in one shot, so I made a checklist in my iphone.  I climbed the babygate at the top of the stairs.  I should mention Izzy is about 15 minutes shy of going down for her nap, so shes crabby, and starts screaming that i'm not in my usual 5 foot radius.  So I run downstairs, pick up the dirty clothes as I go, get down there....

realize my phone is upstairs on the counter still.


I used to be organized...really I did...

Happy weekend all <3

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