Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!

With the may long weekend fast approaching, it has been a wee bit hectic, to say the least!  Getting the garden planted with the help of my family on Mothers day, spring cleaning, "job interviews" and getting the trailer from "winter storage" into "caming mode".  No easy task!  While miss Izzy napped today, I went out and re-made the beds with washed linens, put away all my freshly washed dishes, and put the fridge back together after a thourough cleaning of our 5th wheel.  Then off to fill with water.  While I was waiting for the painfully slow water-filling process, I started mentally going through what needed to be done.  And I realized something.  i'm pretty damn awesome when it comes to camping! I know how to hook up our 5th wheel, unhook it, level it, set up the awning,etc.  I also know how to load, tie down, and unload both (sometimes all three) quads.  Compared to some of the princesses I know who won't even go camping to start with, I think i'm doing pretty damn good.
So as the title of this post says:

I am woman...hear me roar!


Have a great weekend all! Fingers crossed that good ol' AB gets some rain to douse the out of control forest fires AND perhaps lift the fire ban duirng the weekend.

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