Monday, March 26, 2012

Review: Divine Hat Designs

With all of the very high-fashion that revolved around the Royal wedding last April, it got me thinking about hats.  How much I love them, but rarely wear anything more than a baseball cap when I'm running out and don't feel like doing my hair.  I had quite often perused Etsy, daydreaming about the fabulous outfits I could wear with a fascinator, the wonderful places I would wear them to, etc.  One evening in October, during one of our infamous "once a month marathon catch up phone calls" my BFF and I were discussing her upcoming nuptials, which I should mention at this time, I'm the Maid of honor in :).  The topic of "dress code" came up, as my husband wanted to know if he had to wear his suit jacket or not.  I laughed and said 'maybe I'll wear a fabulous fascinator and pretend I'm at Will & Kates wedding'.  My BFF gasped and said "you totally should! why wouldn't you!? OMG do it!" I laughed it off, but I admit it got me thinking....

Fast forward to 3 days later and I'm on Etsy again, dreaming, when I come across a little shop that makes these BEAUTIFUL mini top hats.  I was intrigued, so I plunged in a little deeper and found that the seller of these fabulous hats does custom work!  As luck would have it, my dress for the wedding was only available in full length and the dresses needed to be knee length, so I had a bunch of extra fabric.  I quickly typed out a message, asking about pricing, sizes, etc.  Jenn answered my questions about the hat and was very excited to fashion me a hat.  I chose the adult size small.  I'm sure that different hats cost different amounts, as I requested something with not a lot going on (some of her fabulous hats have adorable flowers and big feather details.  This wedding is a small town wedding....a girl wearing a top hat is going to be scandalous enough on its own) so the cost was $38.50.  And let me tell you...worth.every.penny!

I received the hat just the other day (I don't need this hat until august, as my BFF is such a big deal shes having a Part A and Part B to her wedding, so I advised Jenn that there was no rush).  It was simply beautiful.  Exactly what I'd pictured and then some.  My dress is a royal blue, so the hat was done in the royal blue with black trim, a black ribbon around the tall part of the hat, a small sparkly black brooch, and a black feather.  You can tell by looking at it that the craftsmanship that went into this hat was very in depth and that careful attention was paid. I am THRILLED with this hat, I cannot wait until August now.  I highly recommend this etsy shop, she does wonderful work that will add a little pizazz to your next fancy occasion. season is coming! want to be the 2nd best dressed lady there??  Talk to Jenn and you will NOT be disappointed!!

Divine Hat Designs

I will post better pictures this evening as I've had to write this in snippets due to a busy baby :)
View of the back

 View of the front (sorry, its a poor quality picture, I was so darn excited to get this I took it in the parking lot of the mail pick-up place)
Move over, hatter is FAR better than yours!

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